Women’s Retreat – Struga 2017

About 50 women this year had the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Ohrid lake and to spend together a pleasant and blessed time out of daily obligations, as well as to encourage and support in the faith through the word. On this women’s retreat, which took place from October 24th to October 28th in hotel “Biser” in Struga attended  women from Skopje, Strumica, Monospitovo, Murtino, Kolesino, Radovish and for the first time, after a long period, two sisters from Veljusa. Here was sister Liljana Balovski and her son Martin who served us by playing music during the time of worship.
The theme, which was led by one of the sisters who came from Switzerland, Heidi Streiff, was: “From God touched, healed, trained, and obliged.” Through visuals and performance, auditory and interactive ways of display Heidi reminded everyone present on the historical events in the Bible, God’s touch and His healing power, while Barbara Bünger, who is also a Coordinator for Women’s Work  in our Central Conference, led the second part of this year’s theme ie. “.. qualified and obliged”. In an impressive way she led the women- coordinators of women’s groups in group discussions and thoughts.
In addition to the wonderful lectures, women had the opportunity to spend time in walks, excursions to Struga, Ohrid and St. Naum, conversations, delicious food, creative workshops, crafts, interesting games for better acquaintance and of course one of the the most interesting events, the already well-known “Serbian Evening” where they could get out of the frame of daily life and have fun and laugh to tears through various types of games and competitions. God’s presence was visible all these days.
The retreat ended with Worship Service with Holy Communion led by sister Lila Balovski.
After warm greetings all left on their way home. Another wonderful vacation and community are behind us. Special pleasure caused the presence of the younger sisters who were present and active in all the program.

-Daniela Stoilkova