Time of togetherness – Pastor’s retreat, Krushevo 2017

The pastors from the UMC Macedonia together with their families had the opportunity to socialize together, to talk, to build and rest this year again. They had time together in the beautiful hotel Montana, Krushevo which has beautiful mountainous landscapes around and historical sightseeings
Duration: from 19.10.2017 (Thursday) at 16h to 21.10.2017 (Saturday) until 14h.
We arrived and settled down and had dinner, and after dinner we had a celebration and a brief word led by our brother Dejan Vasilev.
The other day the program started at 8:00 with a prayer and a word led by brother Jane Janevski, and at 8:30 am we had breakfast. Until dinner we had free time. So we had the opportunity to visit several places in Krushevo, to talk and share with each other. After dinner, we had a common time thinking on two topics given by Superintendent Wilfried Nausner, the first one was "How we see our church in the next ten years"and the second was "What we would do as servants in the next ten years." After thinking and sharing on the topics, we finished the evening with a word led by sister Nada Shamanova. On the last day we had a worship service with the Lord's Supper in which Superintendent Wilfried Nausner preached from the Apostle Paul's epistle to Philippians 4: 1-9. After the service was finished, we went to lunch, and after lunch we greeted each other and we left Krusevo with fulfilled hearts and with good experience.

- Dimitar Janevski